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Public Skating

Public Skating Calendar view & Ticket purchase

Tickets can be purchased on-line or at the door!

Public Skating Pricing

click on the Public Skating Calendar link above for schedule as time varies per day.

Weekday Admission Prices
(Monday- Thursday & Friday daytime)
Weekday Public  Admission: $10
(Skate rental incl. if needed)
Age 5 & Under Admission: $5
(Skate rental included)

Weekend/Holiday Admission Price
(Friday evening, Saturday, Sunday, Holidays and School Holidays)
Public Admission: $12
Public Admission + Skate rental: $16
Age 5 & Under Admission: $5

(Skate rental included)

Kids Skating Aid: $4
Skate Aids can only be rented for children under 54" height
(not available online, first come basis)



  • Dress for cool weather. Long pants, sweatshirts, and gloves are recommended
  • Anyone on the ice must be wearing skates. 
  • Absolutely no carrying children on the ice. 

Cancellation Policy

We do not offer a refund, in order to receive a credit or transfer your registration to a different day. We need a 2 hour notice before session starts by emailing


Coaching Requirements during Public Skating Sessions:

  • All coaches that teach lessons during Public Skating sessions must have the approval of the rink GM and Regional Skating Director.
  • Coaching requires a background check and proof of liability insurance.  
  • No more then 2 students at a time
  • Lessons must be conducted with the same direction of travel and cadence as all other skaters on the ice. Lessons cannot be conducted in the opposite direction of travel nor in the corners or creases. If your lesson requires frequent stopping, please move your lesson within the 4 cones at center ice.


Polar Ice NC does not allow unscheduled birthday celebrations in the lobby or snack bar of our facilities. Please email our Guest Services Director, Beth Palcher to discuss options.

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