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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are snacks provided? 
A: Yes! We provide a morning and an afternoon snack for our campers. 
Q: What does my child need to skate? 
A: Socks, a helmet, gloves, and warm clothing! You can check our What to Bring List to make sure your camper is prepared.
Q: What if my child has never skated before or isn't that great at it? 
A: That is totally okay! We have skaters at every skill level. We have counselors who will help them on the ice and help me with the basics.
Q: Will my child be given lessons to learn how to skate? 
A: Although we do not offer any official lessons during camp, we do have counselors to assist campers on the ice and help them understand the basics. 
Q: What should I bring for my child? 
A: Check out our What To Bring to Camp List  so that your camper is prepared! 
Q: What if my child wants to play hockey and they've never played before?
A: We have hockey players from every skill level play at camp. We just require that all campers that are playing hockey to have a full set of hockey equipment and have experience skating.
Q: What if I need to switch dates or cancel? 
A: We totally understand that life happens. If you need to switch dates or need credit for days that campers can not attend, please email All credit request must be emailed prior to the start of the day missed. 


Registration is required prior to the arrival of camp. If you need any assistance, please contact Victoria Martinko at 


Please note that there is a Health Form Packet that must be filled out and submitted to prior to or on the first day of camp. These forms can be found on our "What to Bring to Camp" page. 

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