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Learn To Skate

Here at the Polar Ice Raleigh, we offer a number of excellent skating programs.  Whether you're a future hockey player, figure skater, or you just want to have fun while learning a new sport, we have the perfect program for you to grow and develop your skills. From Learn to Skate to high level hockey and figure skating classes we are sure to have the right program for you!

Current Session:

May 3 - June 28, 2021

Next Session: 

July 5 - August 19

Learn to Skate Class Descriptions:

Snow Plow Sam: Ages 3-5

This class is designed to teach basic skating skills while having fun on the ice.  Instructors use various games and activities which incorporate skills such as falling down and getting up, skating forward, and stopping. Each level gradually increases in difficulty.

Basic 1-6: Ages 6 and up

The Basic Skills are the fundamentals of figure skating.   These eight levels of the program introduce the fundamental skills: forward skating, backward skating, stops, edges, crossovers, turns and Mohawks.  Upon completion of the Basic 1-6 levels, skaters will have the basic knowledge of the sport enabling them to advance to pre-freeskate and freeskate levels. 

Pre-Freeskate and Free Skate 1-6: 

These levels are designed to give skaters a strong foundation on which to build up their skills.  This is the point where the skater can choose whether to pursue a recreational or competitive approach to the sport of figure skating. 

Adult/ Teen: 

The Adult/ Teen curriculum is designed for the beginner adult/ teen skater.  It will promote physical fitness and improve balance & coordination while learning proper skating techniques.  Although divided into levels, the adult/teen skater will progress at an individual rate while being challenged and motivated.


Hockey Classes

KinderCanes: This class is design to introduce basic game skills and strategies to children in the fun and safe environment. Beginner drills will be used during the class in the manner that is appropriate for this age group. 

Lil' Canes 1: This class will focus on proper stride forward and backward, balance, beginner edge work, quick starts, beginner outside edge work, intermediate backward skating, and more!

*Must have completed Basic 1 from our Learn to Skate program in hockey skates. 

Lil' Canes 2: This class will focus more on team play and more advanced hockey drills.

*Must have completed Lil' Canes 1. 

More information on each class can be found in the links below!

Kara Taylor

Skating Director