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2021 Holiday Show

SPS 1-3 Group Number n/a $100
Basic 1-3 Group Number n/a $100
Basic 4 - PreFreeskate Group Number n/a $100
Freeskate 1-6 Group Number n/a $100
Pre-Preliminary - PreJuv Group Number n/a $100
Juv & Up Group Number n/a $100
Adult Group Number n/a $60 (costume not included)
Solo- SPS thru PreFreeskate 1:30min max $60
Solo- Freeskate 1 thru Pre-Preliminary 2 min max $60
Solo- Preliminary and higher 3 min max $60
Graduating Senior Solo 3min max $60
Feature(Duet, Trio, Small Group) 2 min max $35/person

Kristy Hemstreet

Skating Director

Important Information

  • Please read the application thoroughly.
  • The Raleigh Holiday Show is open to skaters from Raleigh and Wake Forest.
  • There are mandatory practices for group numbers, solos, and features!
  • Group Number Practices and Opening Number Rehearsal will all be held at our WAKE FOREST location.
  • Skaters must remain in their designated locker rooms for the duration of the show.  Please be sure to have them bring water and a snack if they need it.  Many skaters will bring games to play with each other in the locker rooms as well.
  • All skaters must participate in the finale.
  • The show typically runs about 1.5-2 hours long.
  • Please be sure your email is correct in Dash as we will do A LOT of communication about the show via email to keep you as informed as possible.
  • There will be a curtain on the ice. Coaches will be informed of where it will go to plan programs accordingly.

Questions? Please email our Skating Director Kristy Hemstreet at the above email link.

ticket sales

Tickets will go on sale Monday, November 22nd.  They will be available on dash.  More information will be emailed as we near the date to purchase tickets. Everyone in the building on the day of the show must have a ticket regardless of age.